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This Site uses Cookies to further our understanding on how the Site is used. The Cookies cannot identify you. By continuing to view this Site, Elite Sport Performance Technologies Ltd (ESP) will assume that you are happy with this.


Cookies are small files of text that are stored on either your computer, mobile device or tablet by our website’s server (and only this server can access and retrieve the contents of that individual Cookie.) As each Cookie contains anonymous information (like a unique identifier or the Site name), it is unique to your web browser. The purpose of each Cookie is to allow the Site to remember information such as personal preferences and goods in your shopping cart.

In normal circumstances, most web browsers have a default setting to accept Cookies automatically. If however you prefer to change these settings to allow Cookies to be blocked or deleted, please see section 3. Please be aware that by carrying out this action, certain parts of the Site may no longer function as originally designed.


The Cookies on the ESP Site can be used by ESP, or by carefully selected business partners (third party Cookies). Our Site uses the following types of Cookies:

2.1 First Party Cookies

First party Cookies can be divided into two sub-categories; Strictly Necessary Cookies (see part ‘a’) and Functionality Cookies (see part ‘b’).

Part a) Strictly Necessary Cookies are essential to the working of the Site. They allow you, the user, to navigate through the Site and allow the use of individual parts of the Site. Cookies are fundamental to certain sections of the Site, and without them, options such as a shopping cart cannot be made available to you.

Part b) Functionally Cookies are designed and used by the Site to remember previous data or decisions made or submitted by you, the user. This field includes choices such as the language seleted, shopping cart choices and your location. Please be aware that the information collected by these Cookies is purely used for your visits to this Site and it cannot be used to track your browsing activity on other sites.

2.2 Third Party Cookies

By visiting the Website, please be aware that Cookies may be used which are sent by a third party, such as YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. This occurs when you, the user, watch an embedded video or send content from a webpage to a social media account. For further information about how the third party websites use their Cookies, please refer to their individual websites.

Third Party Cookies can be divided into two sub-categories; Performance Cookies (see part ‘c’) and Targeting and Advertising Cookies (see part ‘d’).

Part c) Performance Cookies are collected anonymously and contain information about how you the user and other customers use the Site. By analysing information such as how often certain areas of the Site are visited, these Cookies allow us, the Company, to improve the performance of our Site. These Cookies are purely used for statistical research and cannot be used to identify you the user specifically.

Part d) Targeting and Advertising Cookies are used by selected advertising partners to deliver more relevant adverts that better fit you, the user’s interests. By remembering when you visited a website, they share information with other organisations such as advertisers. These Cookies can therefore limit the number of occasions you see specific adverts and are used to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.


By modifying your browser, it is possible to disable Cookies. The list below gives instructions for specific web browsers but please be aware; once Cookies are turned off, it could result in you being unable to access some areas of our Site, and some functions may not function as intended.

3.1 Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer

Click ‘Tools’ button, then click ‘Internet Options’

Click ‘Privacy’ tab, and then, under ‘Settings’ move the slider to the top to block all Cookies, then click ‘OK’

3.2 Firefox

Open Firefox

At the top of the Firefox window, click ‘Firefox’ button and then choose ‘Options’

Select ‘Privacy’ panel

Set ‘Firefox will:’ to ‘Use custom settings for history’. In addition, uncheck ‘Accept Cookies from sites’ to disable Cookies

Click ‘OK’ to close ‘Options’ window

3.3 Chrome

Open Google Chrome

Click the tool icon

Select ‘Settings’

Click ‘Show advanced settings’ which is near the bottom of the page

In ‘Privacy’ section, click ‘Content settings’

To disable Cookies, choose ‘Block sites from setting any data’

3.4 Safari

Open Safari and choose ‘Safari’

Choose ‘Preferences’ in the toolbar and click ‘Privacy’

In ‘Block Cookies’ section, the option to specify whether Safari accepts Cookies from websites is available. For further details on this, click the ‘Help’ button (a question mark in the bottom right corner)

Details on which websites store Cookies on your computer can be found here

3.5 Safari for iPad and iPhone

In iOS 8, tap ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Safari’

Select ‘Block Cookies’ and choose ‘Always Allow’, ‘Allow from Websites I Visit’, ‘Allow from Current Websites Only’ or ‘Always Block’, depending on your preference

In iOS 7 or earlier, choose ‘Never’, ‘From third parties and advertisers’ or ‘Always’ depending on your preference


All materials on the Site are the copyright of ESP or are reproduced with permission from other copyright owners. All rights are reserved. The materials on this Site may be retrieved and downloaded solely for personal use. No materials may otherwise be copied, modified, published, broadcast or otherwise distributed without the prior written permission of ESP.

For additional information on obtaining permission to reproduce or translate ESP’s copyright material, please email


Currently, there is no uniform standard to determine how DNT requests should be handled, nor are there any guidelines over how DNT requests should be interpreted. However, by continuing to monitor DNT technologies, ESP may adopt a DNT standard, should one become available.


ESP take your security very seriously. Our site makes use of physical, administrative and electronic procedures to enhance the security surrounding your personal information. All credit card information is encoded using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, before it is sent via the Web. Any information to do with payment is always stored in encrypted form, in a database that is entirely separate from our Site database, and consequently is not connected to the internet. All our servers are kept in a secure physical environment, behind a locked wall. Finally, only staff of ESP who require access to your personal data to perform a set job or task are given access to your personal data.

Whilst we take issues surrounding your security very seriously, it is important to stress that no computer system is completely secure. A 100% level of security does not presently exist anywhere, either on or offline.


From time to time, our Privacy Policy may undergo changes. The date of the most recent version of this page will appear at the bottom of the page. If there are amendments made, we will notify customers by displaying a notice clearly on our homepage.


If you wish for more information about our privacy policy, please visit our Contact Us page or either email or write to:

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