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The ESP Academy is where cutting edge science and research is combined with the ‘real’ secrets of order ativan online india how the world’s best athletes train. This allows first-hand access to some of the most advanced, results driven knowledge, programs and tips in existence.

ESP’s team of professional athletes and coaches boast knowledge and insight gathered through years of experience. The team have collectively been involved in 6 Olympic Games, 12 Commonwealth Games and World Championships, 3 Rugby World Cups, 6 America’s Cups, but additionally have experience in almost every other sport including Formula 1, NBA and NFL. This unparalleled sporting background, combined with access to cutting edge sports science research before it has been released in the public domain, has seen ESP become the leading name in high performance sports equipment and technology.

Our philosophy is simple, combine the very latest in sports science, and strength & conditioning, together with the real secrets of how the world’s best athletes train and you will be among the 2% of the world’s most knowledgable coaches equipped with the tools to train champions.

Our education programs are overseen by world leading Sports Science researcher in Human Performance and Neuromuscular Physiology, and international Kayaker, Dr. Jonathan Folland.