ESP Lifting Platform for ESP Power Rack

The ESP Lifting Platform Combo is a seamless integration of the global leading ESP TOTALPOWER™ Rack and Platform. The design allows for lifting inside and outside of the rack. The full length lifting area increases training options, usage capacity and safety.  The centre section is a high density optimum coefficient of friction moulded PVC and available in a selection of contemporary colours



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Dimensions: Standard Platform – 200cm (l) x 250cm (w)

NOTE: The Shipping cost of the ESP Lifting Platform for ESP Power Rack includes a Shipping & Installation Cost

NOTE: For Flush-Fit Platforms please contact us via our Request Form

Available Centre Colours: Black (standard), Grey (standard), green, red, blue, yellow


ESP Fitness Lifting Platform Colours

Dimensions 2 × 2.5 cm

Black, Grey, Green (+£130.00), Red (+£130.00), Blue (+£130.00), Yellow (+£130.00)

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