265kg TOTALPower Power Rack Weight Set (coloured)

The ESP’s Power Rack Weight Set features 265kg IWF Compliant ESP TOTALPOWER Bumper Plates that have been made from the highest quality one piece moulded rubber and chrome hub. Tested for 30,000 drops ESP bumper plates to ensure years of superior performance. These are accompanied by weight discs that have been precision engineered and manufactured from the highest quality, chip resistant and hard wearing matte silver finish. These discs offer a life time warranty and are IWF Complaint just like our Bumper Plates to ensure maximum performance



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Included: Weight 265kg (2x25kg, 4x20kg, 4x15kg, 4x10kg, 4x5kg, 4×2.5kg, 4x1kg, 2×0.5kg)

Weight 265 kg

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