ESP Power Rack PRO

The ESP TOTALPower Power Rack has been designed to be the world’s best Power Rack for Elite Performance Training. Constructed from heavy duty box section steel (120x60x4mm), with reinforced gussets in every corner, and powder coated in a scratch resistant leatherette matt black finish. The Power Rack provides unrivalled functionality, robustness and aesthetics and can be seamlessly integrated with an ESP Lifting Platform. The 4mm heavy duty stainless steel upright channels (with laser cut numbering), both inside and outside the Rack, provides support to the easy-fit light weight (3kg) sit-smooth bar hooks, with UHMW precision engineered Nylon inserts and LIFE-TIME warranty. Innovation, Science and Experience in Pro Sport has led to the world’s most high spec and complete Power Rack. The 248cm tall Rack features a 7 grip position Pull-up Bar, Ridgid Safety Bars with 10mm thick protective Nylon, tapered narrow and wide grip Dip Bars that fit seamlessly into the Safety Bars and can be stored into the side of the Rack when not in use; Resistance Band attachments; adjustable Band Pegs for upper and lower resistance band training; TRX and Suspension Training attachments; storage for 2 Barbells; storage for Bar Collars and Chains; colour coded Weight Storage with 8 pegs for Olympic discs and 4 pegs for fractional weights; Adjustable Utility Bar and Pad for Hip Thrusts and Bulgarian Split-Squat training; Power Bench (Prone Row Bench); Barbell Pivot (Landmine); Jammer Press Arms; Mono-Lift Hooks. Multiple Racks can be joined with Connecting Bars to add an additional training station for Pull-ups, TRX, and/or Boxing Bags.



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Includes: Safety bars, Pull-up bar, 2 sets Bar Hooks (1 extra set), 6 pair Weight Storage pegs, Barbell Pivot (landmine), Band attachments (upper and lower), Dip Handles, Utility Bar, Adjustable Carabiner fittings

Additional attachments not included: Jammer Press Handles, Power Bench (prone-row), Mono-Lift Hooks, Resistance Bands, Rack accessory Stand

Dimensions: 248cm (h) x 174cm (w) x 183cm (d)

 NOTE: The Shipping cost of the ESP Power Rack PRO includes a Shipping & Installation Cost within the UK

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