TOGU Wall Storage

Measuring 200cm x 200cm, the TOGU Wall provides a simplistic storage solution for all TOGU UK functional training tools and rehabilitation products. Choose from a range of 9 colours and the option to include your facility’s logo on the wall (21 brackets in a standard set)

TOGUUK hi-res logo


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Dimensions: 200cm x 200cm

Included: TOGU UK 21 Bracket Set – Extra small ring (x4), small ring (x4), medium ring (x2), large ring, small jumper, large jumper, hook, roller hook (x4), balance board bracket (x2), tray

Available Colours: Walnut (pictured), White, Red, Black, Maple, Beech, Grey, Aluminium, Mirror

Optional: Include a customised logo or graphic design at an additional cost


Walnut, Red, White, Granite, Grey, Beech, Black, Maple, Aluminium (+£350.00), Mirror (+£641.00)

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