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Innovative Ground Reaction Force Plate

ESP has partnered with leading training software experts Novotec Medical to develop the world’s most intuitive, easy to use, athlete centred, performance monitoring software systems.

STRENGTHsense™ is an integrated ground reaction-force monitoring system that is seamlessly integrated into the ESP TotalPower™ Lifting Platform. The dual (bilateral) force plates are German manufactured to the highest precision standards, making them highly robust and perfect for the high performance lifting environment. There are no visible cables or fittings and all connections are neatly installed inside the lifting platform and power rack.

Feedback on Performance

The STRENGTHsense™ precision software is user-friendly and gives realtime performance feedback on data related to performance. Power, velocity, eccentric and concentric forces can all be monitored, allowing informed training decisions to be made in realtime.

8 Force Sensors
Sampling rate per sensor 800Hz
ADC Resolution 16 bit.

The data is displayed on a 21 inch touchscreen display with a fold back bracket on the Power Rack. STRENGTHsense™ is the world’s most innovative ground reaction-force plate system with athlete feedback, resulting in a product that is also ideal for rehabilitation and talent identification.

Isometric Rig

The ESP Isometric Rig offers a robust and durable solution to isometric performance testing. The rig is constructed from heavy duty steel with reinforced gussets and stainless steel upright channels fitted with quick release wing bolts to allow for easy klonopin 1mg generic assembly. The heavy duty base plate is fitted with lifting handles and wheels to allow easy manoeuvrability. The integrated dual Ground Reaction Force Plates with STRENGTHSenseTM pro sport software, provides real-time performance data such as power, velocity, eccentric and concentric forces, for each plate aimed at making real-time informed training decisions.

The Isometric Rig upright channels can be removed and the force plates used separately for a range of different performance tests including; Countermovement jump, stiff leg multiple hop, squats, toe taps, box jumps, drop Jumps, single leg balance, loaded jump squat, Olympic Lifts and many more.

Isometric Knee Pad

The ESP Isometric Knee Pad can be used in conjunction with the ESP Isometric Rig to aid performance testing and analysis. The Knee pad offers a comfortable accessory to Isometric Calf Testing while to contributing to accurate and reliable data collection.

ESP has partnered with the world’s most innovative power and velocity tracking system ELITEFORM™. Two sets of 3D cameras are seamlessly integrated into the TOTALPOWER™ Rack with a touch screen monitor to track the movement of free weight exercises, automatically uploading data directly into the athletes training plan.

3D Camera Technology

Cutting edge 3D camera technology tracks both peak and average Velocity and calculates power with input of bodyweight. This unique system allows the freedom of movement needed for optimal performance whilst providing real-time feedback of the athlete’s performance.

Track Your Training

Paperless technology allows training sessions to be tracked and transferred on any device worldwide. Coaches can upload tailored sessions for the individual athlete and can receive real-time data of the athlete’s performance which enables instant analysis and monitoring.

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Track Your Recovery • Intelligently

RestWise is the first software program that enables athletes to accurately track their recovery. This simple, yet innovative system can be used by everyone from the world’s top Olympians to the weekend warriors. Using science based metrics such as heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, mood state, and sleep, RestWise gives athletes the ability to look at their recovery over time and make changes based on their results. Each marker is easy to track, and daily information can be entered in less than a minute through any web-enabled computer or via an iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry application. RestWise then produces a daily recovery score, an explanation of what it means, and a colour-coded chart showing the changes in a recovery score over time.


Every successful athlete understands the importance of recovery: Too little recovery, and one slowly falls into a state of over-reaching and under performance. Too much recovery, and one doesn’t introduce enough stimulus to enable a physiological adaptation to improve fitness, strength and speed.

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Finance Available

ESP is partnered with leading fitness equipment financing institutions, to provide our clients with affordable tailored finance leasing to suit individual needs.