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Weight Storage

Weight Storage Trolley

A simple, compact and durable double weight storage solution for up to 350kg of ESP bumper plates. The rotating wheels allows for effortless transportation of Weights within the facility. Ideal for CrossFit facilities.

Warranty: Steel Frame Lifetime Warranty

Storage Capacity: 350kg

About: Steel frame with high load swivel wheels with brakes

Toast Rack Weight Storage

The 20 disc weight storage toast rack is designed to keep the training area organised by incorporating one-size-only storage positions within the rack where each weight size only fits a specific holder. Space is provided for small discs and spring clamps.

About: Position specific  20 disc weight holder/Small discs and spring clamps

Dimensions: 30cm (w) x 102cm (l)

Storage Capacity: 200kg

ESP Weight Stand

The portable 6-peg weight stand offers a robust and durable design is a versatile and compact weight storage option. Storage space is provided for two bars, bar collars, power bands and training belts.

Warranty: Five year Warranty

Dimensions: 144cm (h) x 90cm (w) x 70cm (d)

Storage Capacity: 355kg

Advance Modular Storage System

Modular • Functional • Versatile

The TOTALStorage Advance Modular Storage System is an innovative state-of-the-art storage system designed to keep the fitness facility tidy and the gym floor cleared of fitness accessories. The storage system offers over 30 different brackets for almost any accessory, allowing for flexibility of storage to suit ones specific requirements.

The Modular design accommodates for all training facilities with each module 234cm high and 122cm wide. Combining a number of modules using varying brackets ensures that any accessory can be stored, helping to create a state-of-the-art training facility. Bracket Customisation is available on request.

Warranty: 10-year Warranty

Dimensions: Each module 234cm (h) x 122cm (w)

Features: 30 Different Brackets / Store Any Accessory

Rack Storage

ESP Dumbbell Rack

The ESP Dumbbell Rack is a robust, durable and stylish storage solution for either six (12) or ten dumbbell pairs (20). With a 10mm heavy duty rubber surface and integrated rubber saddles, the Rack provides a secure and protected racking for all dumbbells.

Total Dimensions: 75cm (h) x 100cm (w) x 50cm (d)

Storage Capacity: 600kg / 6 Dumbbell Pairs OR 1000kg / 10 Dumbbell Pairs

Includes: 10 Year Warranty

ESP Kettlebell Rack

With a 10mm heavy duty rubber surface, the Rack is a simple and durable storage solution that will keep the Kettlebells protected and in good condition. Ideal for an easily accessible and tidy functional training area.

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Storage Capacity: Twelve Kettlebells (6 set competition kettlebells)

About: High density rubber surface

Accessory Storage

ESP Storage Box

The aesthetically pleasing and durable box provides a storage solution for all smaller training accessories. This storage solution helps protect equipment and keep the facility tidy.

Total Dimensions: 75cm (h) x 100cm (w) x 50cm (d)

Storage Dimensions: 46cm (h) x 96cm (l) x 38cm (d)

About: Stainless Steel protective edging

ESP Bar Storage

A simple, compact and durable storage solution for Olympic Bars. With space for up to 8 Bars, the facility can remain neat and tidy, reducing the risk of damaging Bars left on the facility floor. Rubber dampers are fitted in each tube to protect the ends of the Bars.

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Storage Capacity: Eight bars

About: Portable with inserted rubber bar protectors

ESP Storage Stand 1

A robust, high quality and space efficient storage solution which has been designed for easy accessibility. This storage box can hold a range of accessories including exercise balls, rollers, medicine balls, jump ropes, accessories and much more.

Total Dimensions: 180cm (h) x 50cm (w) x 60cm (d)

Storage Dimensions: 50cm (h) x 50cm (l) x 50cm (d)

About: Store a variety of accessories

ESP PVC Technique Bar Storage

A simple, high quality and space efficient storage solution for the ESP PVC Technique Bars. The compact design with durable metal clamps can store up to 6 PVC bars and is mounted to the wall for a tidy storage solution and easy accessibility.

Total Dimensions: 90mm (h) x 350mm (w) x 15mm (d)

Storage Capacity: 6 PVC barbells

Includes: Lifetime Warranty

Finance Available

ESP is partnered with leading fitness equipment financing institutions, to provide our clients with affordable tailored finance leasing to suit individual needs.